Rotary Student Guest Committee
The purpose of the Rotary Student Guest Program is to bring in students from Moorestown High School and Moorestown Friends for us to learn about what our local students are doing and for them to get exposed to the works of Rotary. Moorestown High School sends a Junior and a Senior and they will attend once each semester and Moorestown Friends sends a Senior that will attend two or three times.
  •   Coordinate with MHS and MFS Guidance Offices for selecting and scheduling students of academic and/or athletic excellence to visit the Club, and obtain biographies
  •   Arrange for transportation of student(s) to and from the meeting
  •   Introduce the students to the attendees, and encourage students to learn more about Rotary 
Thank you letter from student:
Hi Mr. Herring, I am Robin Panzarella, a junior at Moorestown High School. I was chosen to attend two Rotary luncheons this school year. I wanted to thank you and the rest of the Rotary Club for this opportunity and for being so hospitable to me, as well as the other students from MHS. This was a great honor to be able to attend the lunches and experience what the Rotary Club is about. I learned some interesting things from the guest speakers, especially from Due Quach, the founder of Calm Clarity. Stories like those that Due told are not easily forgotten. It amazed me how generous members of Rotary are and I hope that one day I can match that philanthropy. Once again, thank you! Sincerely, Robin Panzarella