Howard Fiala Service Above Self Award
Presented each year to a Rotarian at the dinner in June for the installation of new officers. This is called the Change Over Dinner.
1. Current Member in good standing of the Rotary Club of Moorestown.
2. Actively involved in Moorestown Rotary activities for the year.
3. Words and deeds exemplify the selfless devotion of Howard Fiala to the Rotary Club of Moorestown and to the Object of Rotary. To encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.
- Announcements made for nominations the beginning of April.
- Nominations given or sent by email to chair.
- Beginning of May committee meets to review nominations and vote on a winner.
- Plaque is ordered from Spike's Trophies Limited (514 N. 2nd St. Phila., PA 19123 (215) 574-8100 and pick up.
- Contact should be made with teh recipient's family.
- Invite Barbara Fiala to Change Over Dinner
- The award is presented at the Change Over Dinner.
About Howard Fiala:
Howard Fiala joined the Rotary Club of Moorestown in 1976 and was a member until his death at the age of 47 in 1986. He was a man dedicated in all aspects of his life and an enthusiastic, service oriented man. He epitomized the preamble in the Object of Rotary: to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. His philosophy was to give of himself unselfishly to benefit others.
Howard Fiala Service Above Self Award
  •   An annual award bestowed on the club member who has best represented the ideals of Howard Fiala’s commitment of  Service Above Self to the club, Local and International communities.
  •   Solicit nominations that fit the criteria from members.
  •   Determine the recipient for the year.  Procure plaque.
  •   This committee consists of past awardees.
Past Howard Fiala Award Winners and Committee
2003-4     Micki Ginsberg
2004-5     Charlie McCullough
2005-6     Sid Greenblatt, Spencer Scheckter, Ann Baiada
2006-7     Harry Welsh
2007-8     Steve Smith
2008-9     Kay Stuckey Mufalli
2009-10   Doug Sell, Pam Parkinson
2010-11   Bill Rhoads
2011-12   Harry Koons
2012-13   Mike Wilson
2013-14   Doug Anderson
2014-15   Kathy Hiltner
2015-16 Sylvia Bidwell

2016-17  Michelle Rohan
2017-18  Karen Olejarz
2018-19  Bill Van Fossen

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