Moorestown’s Citizen of the Year Award is announced annually by the Moorestown Service Club Council, which consists of the three Rotary Clubs, Lunch, Breakfast and AMP, and The Lions Club. All four Clubs take great pride in enhancing the quality of life in Moorestown by contributing various community service projects within the town and encouraging others do to the same. To foster these ideals The Service Clubs Council has since 1954 solicited nominations town wide and selected an individual each year who “is a Moorestown resident and has through varied voluntary community service activities significantly contributed to the quality of life of both our community and its citizens.”
This is your opportunity to nominate a person of your choice who should be honored with the 2019 Moorestown Citizen of the Year Award.
Nomination forms can be picked up at the Community House or click on the link at the bottom of the page. Submit your nomination in either hard copy to: Service Club Council, attn. Steve Smith, Chair SSC, Community House, 16E Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057 or in electronic format to:
All nominations must be submitted to the Service Club Council by Dec. 30. The council will announce their selection in January and There will not be a celebration dinner until circumstances permit indoor gatherings larger than 50.
Factors to be considered for nomination are:
  • Although service activities are not geographically limited to Moorestown, the nominee must be or have been a resident of the Moorestown Township;
  • Community service through individual volunteer effort and/or participation in group activities, unrelated to nominee’s employment;
  • Contributions through public service (elective or appointed positions at the local county, state or federal levels);
  • Multiple and varied volunteer efforts, including services which help bring our community and its citizens closer together;
  • Honors, awards and citations which bring recognition to the nominee and community for his or her contributions.
Moorestown Service Club Council
Nomination for “CITIZEN OF THE YEAR” AWARD 2022
The Citizen of the Year Award recognizes a Moorestown resident, who, through varied voluntary community service activities, has significantly contributed to the quality of life of both our community and its citizens.