Rotary Board Meeting
August 11, 2016
Present:           Michelle R., Julia B., Pam P., Jerry C., Carlo S., Amy W., John H., Paul S., Karen K., Lynn T., Jordan R., Keith O., Guest:  Charlie McCullough, Kathy Hiltner
Welcome and call to order 11:10
Secretary’s Report:     Motion to approve minutes from July board meeting made by Michelle R. and seconded by Karen.  Minutes approved.
Treasurer’s Report:    Stephanie presented financials via e-mail prior to the meeting for review. All unanswered questions should be pending until next meeting. Review of financials, for the close out of Keith’s year look good even without the Pancake breakfast or garage sale.
Questions:                   P&L Charities:            Karen asked: There is income showing for Pancake breakfast. Jerry asked: The scholarship awards show $25,000, thought it was $30,000.Requesting information on Winston Parker foundation
                                    AR / summary shows Lynne Sugars still outstanding owed.
Motion to approve minutes by Amy, pending questions to be reviewed at the next meeting, second by Julia. Report approved.
President’s Report:     David Forward requesting every Rotarian every year program, $26.50 by November. Open discussion as a good idea but don’t pressure individuals, suggest sign- up sheet and other ideas. John H to discuss with John O’Meara as the foundation chair for a program presentation.
Dinner with RI president on 8/15
                                    Strike out hunger Phillies game 8/16    
Madison Little Scholarship -Kathy Hiltner spoke to the Board about our club supporting a scholarship for Madison Little’s education at Oxford. He has committed his life to Rotary and will be applying for the Global Grant through Rotary. Our club has an anonymous person who will match the clubs donation up to $5,000 towards this project.  Motion from Lynn to support Madison for $2,500.00 for the first year and the anonymous donor will match that to have the total of $5,000 noted from our club. Second Karen, Board approved $2,500 WITH the condition that he is accepted with RI’s approval of the Global Grant.   John H. will notify Brian of our club commitment.
Julia has 9 individuals that have not responded to the club committee request, she is reaching out to them now and will have the document completed by end of August.
Requested that a running list of donations and causes that the club supports be noted on our website. Stephanie will provide list to Pam M.
Membership:              Joe Blazejowski presented to the Board for review, Invited by Steve Smith he works with the Boy Scouts and will be coming is as in individual member. 7 day notice was sent out, Induction scheduled for the 25th. Motion from Jerry to approve, Amy second, Board approved.
                                    Michelle and Sylvia will be working on new member orientation, streamlining the welcome letter and coordinating the mentor program. Planning a new member fellowship event, promoting just ask one person to join.
                                    Alternative meeting is confirmed as no by-law change is required. This is scheduled for Tuesday 9/20 at Harvest Grill
Vocational Services:    The vocational service award has been moved to a “district award” and will be part of the mid-year assembly. The clubs nomination should be received by December 2016. Pam has recommended Ann Baiada and Bayada Home Care.
Old Business:              Gift of Life dinner was well represented from our club. Our district funds have allowed this program to support heart surgery for1200 children. The next area of focus is on El Salvador to provide 4 ICU suites.
                                    Poker tournament October 2nd, Community house has donated the room.
                                    Charlie McCullough presented information on the Moorestown Halloween Parade. Looking for Rotary to sponsor the parade. Brian Cooper has run the parade in the past. Discussion and questions on how this fits within the scope of service. Recommended at this time Pam P to put out an e-mail to membership for solicitation and support.
Meeting adjourn   12:10     Motion Keith / Second Karen.
Respectfully submitted,
Lynn Tighe
                                    Next meeting September 8, 2016 at 11:00 AM