Moorestown, NJ
Moorestown, NJ
United States of America


The Moorestown has a number of volunteers who can help deliver your gorceries so you don't have to leave your house to get food until it is safe for you to go outside. In fact, we are taking donations to help get food for those who are experiencing financial difficulties during this pandemic. 

Here is the information you need to have: 

The Response Team will mainly deal with coordinating requests for food or for ready-made food (from stores) in the case of those not able to prepare their own food. 

There will also be assistance for residents who can afford to pay for their own food, but who cannot get out to a store.
The Rotary Club of Mooresown is setting up an account at Wegmans, and we are prepared to channel donations through a special fund.
There will be a need for volunteers to staff the hotline and volunteers to deliver meals.  Safety measures are being developed.
Volunteers (so far) are shopping for and delivering food.  They are complying with the governor's executive order 122, which specifies that they must wear masks or face coverings while in the store, and are dropping the deliveries at the door after knocking or calling the person in need.   We could pick up groceries if someone ordered through Instacart, but the wait for that is excessive at most stores and we don't know yet if stores will allow us to pick up someone else's groceries.