Contact: Paul Canton
63 Hogen Way.... or..
2 Deerfield Terrace
Moorestown, NJ
United States of America

Moorestown Quakes Ice Hockey is partnering with a bunch of other organizations in town to collect items for the Food Bank of South Jersey.  Given what is going on at the moment, there are MAJOR shortages of supplies at the local food banks.  As of this writing, we have joined forces with baseball, softball, basketball, street hockey, soccer, lacrosse and THE MOORESTOWN ROTARY CLUB.  The more the merrier so any other organizations that might be interested, please feel free to pass this along.  This is not a competition – we are all doing this together (but apart).

However, even though we want to donate as much food as possible, we do not want everyone running out to the grocery stores given the current environment.  If you are making your weekly trip, please consider getting a few of their most needed items.  If you stocked up on 24 cans of beans along with 24 rolls of toilet paper (ironic, no?), please consider donating anything extra you might have.

Please note they CANNOT accept: opened containers, repackaged and homemade items (although I am sure your homemade sourdough bread is delicious), outdated items, perishables or baby items.

The details of the drive are on the attached (we will also put this on the website) and there will be two drop-off locations in town on Saturday April 25 – one at Steve’s house and one at Renita’s house.

Just a reminder that we still need to practice social distancing while dropping off items.  There will be bins at the bottoms of each driveway and the items will be taken once you are safely six feet away.  If there is a car in front of you, no matter how much we like each other and want to socialize, please wait until they are done.  If you are biking or walking, please follow the same instructions and watch out for our crazy drivers who might be dropping off at the same time.

Steve Gillespie is running point for the Quakes side of things and can be reached at