Mooretown Rotary Mentor Program
71% of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programs to their employees.
  •   Assign mentors to new members.
  •   Recruit members to become mentors.
  •   Announce 6 month members' blue badge status including their sponsor and mentor.
Objective:  Established to foster rewarding fellowship and promote future Rotarian leadership.
Benefits for Organization
1.  Encourages retention
2.  Improves productivity
3.  Elevates knowledge transfer through experience and wisdom gained from seasoned Rotarians.
Benefits for Mentors
1.  Info exchange that goes both ways that can aid in personal development for mentors.
2.  Satisfaction of sharing expertise with others.
3.  Energy boost
Benefits for Mentees
1.  Access to mentors expertise
2.  Vital feedback in key areas of communication, interpersonal relationships and leadership skills
3.  Learning the Rotary culture
4.  Larger network
Formal                                      2x a session
                                                      Set goals for new Rotarian
Informal                                   Just as important as formal meetings
                                                      Suggestions:  coffee
                                                      Establish# of meetings
Establishing Mentors
Must be able to motivate, coach and listen to mentees for 6 months.
Pairings -The most important ingredient to successful mentoring
Research shows that this is heightened when mentees participate in choosing their mentors.
Group Mentoring- Bringing several new members into the club at one time.
Group mentoring will cover areas of education that would normally be carried out one-on-one.  The first step is to get as many members of the club involved as mentors.
What is involved?
Basic mentoring
1.  The difference between a sponsor and a mentor
2.  The type of contact necessary for mentoring
3.  The commitment expected of a new Rotarian (time/engagement)
4.  The commitment of the club to the new Rotarian.
Education Topics
1.  Roles of the club president and board, club committees and the history of the club.
2.  The Rotary Foundation- how it operates.
3.  The Rotary District and opportunities for Rotarians to contribute their time and leadership skills beyond the club level.
The Red Badge Club
What is the program all about?
It is designed to help new members feel comfortable and welcome in the Rotary Club. It is also to help new members more quickly and easily get involved in committees. 
Time commitment for mentor and mentee?
6 months
How does it work?
Friendship:   Arrive early to help the new member get to know others in the club (months 1-6)
Coffee:         Take the new member for coffee to get better acquainted (month 1-2)
Rotary:         Tell them about Rotary (again) when you participate in a Rotary event together outside of a regular meeting.  Suggestions are Pancake Breakfast, Coffee Run, Travel Adventure, Series, or a Lend A Hand event.
(months 1-6)
Committee:   Suggest/help the new member find a place in one of the 5 Avenues of Service                           
(months 1-4).   Club Service, Vocations Service, Community Service, International              Service and New Generations Service.
Make-Up:       Go to another Rotary Club for a make-up. Teach them how it works.
(months 3- 6)
Events:           Make sure the new member participates in special Rotary events: Changeover Dinner, Rotary summer picnic, Holiday Mingle & etc…
(months 1-6)
Mentor will present Mentee with their Blue badge.