• Must attend 50% of the meetings in any Rotary half year period (13 meetings)  
  • Must attend 60% of those meetings at home (8 meetings per half year)
  • Four unexcused meetings in a row or failing to meet the above will qualify you for Board review and possible action for dismissal.
  • Medical and personal leave of absence are to be requested of the Board in writing and if granted will be for a period not to exceed three months per request.    
  • You have two weeks before and two weeks after a meeting to makeup.  If you makeup at another club your quarterly statement will be credited the cost of the home meal you missed.
  • Visit any club in the world and bring back a signed makeup receipt from that club.
  • Members of the Board of Directors of the Moorestown Rotary Club will receive a makeup for each Board meeting they attend,
  • Any member attending a District, National or International Rotary function qualifies for one makeup per attended event.
  • One makeup per month from the R.I. web page or from the District Eclub is permitted. Bring your receipt or have it e-mailed directly to the attendance committee chairperson.
  • In the event you choose not to makeup and pay the club fine, you are still charged for the meal.
  • You qualify as an Active Excused member when your age plus your years in Rotary equal 85.
  • You must request this status, in writing, from the Board of Directors.
  • When granted your annual dues will consist of R.I. dues plus local club dues, but no meal costs.  However you will be invoiced for meals at meetings which you do attend.
  •   Record members’ attendance at each Club meeting; Track make-ups, excused, leave of absences;  Notify billing office accordingly.
  •   Inform Club Secretary of any member in danger of not meeting attendance requirements and of Monthly Attendance Percentage for transmission to District.