The Rotary Club of Moorestown
         Summary of Committee Responsibilities
-  Orders Rotary apparel (to be billed to members) and other Rotary materials when needed.
-  Sends invoice to Club Treasurer.
-  Record members’ attendance at each Club meeting; Track make-ups, excused, leave of absences;  Notify billing office accordingly.
-  Inform Club Secretary of any member in danger of not meeting attendance requirements and of Monthly Attendance Percentage for transmission to District.
-  This committee consists of the President, President Elect, Past President and members of the Fellowship Events Committee.
-  Organizes the yearly Changeover Dinner including setting a date, selecting a venue, hiring a caterer and planning the event.
-  Give Invocation at the beginning of each meeting.
-  Receive notice of members or family member’s births, illnesses, deceased, or other significant occasion.
-  Provide appropriate solace and sunshine to those in need;  Keep Membership informed.
-  This committee consists of President, President Elect and several members.
-  Review list of committees and decide on changes/ modifications.
-  Put selection sheet out to members in early summer requesting them to make choices.
-  Place members on committees according to their selections and club needs.
-  Send out final committee list in early September.
FELLOWSHIP Events (Formerly “Special Events”)
-  Plan special events for Club members and guests – Mingle-Jingle, Picnic, Ballgames, Theatre Outings, etc.
-  Coordinate all arrangements for each event.  Work within Board approved budget.
-  Develop and implement “hands on” FUN member activities to participate in community events and foster fellowship/friendship, such as Moorestown Day, Autumn in Moorestown, Candlelight Nite, etc.
Finance & Audit
-  Assist in the preparation of the Annual Club Budget for recommendations to The Board.
-  Set budget for Special Requests Committee early in fiscal year.
-  Review and recommend changes in the dues structure in relation to the proposed club budget.
-  Review Club and Charities, Inc. financial statements, quarterly, make recommendations to The Board as needed.
-  Assess and recommend alternate revenue sources to supplement membership dues.
-  Review investment strategies, develop long range plan, and make recommendations to The Board.
-  Provide for timely notification of dues and collection thereof including follow up on past due accounts.
Howard Fiala Service Above Self Award
-  An annual award bestowed on the club member who has best represented the ideals of Howard Fiala’s commitment of  Service Above Self to the club, Local and International communities.
-  Solicit nominations that fit the criteria from members.
-  Determine the recipient for the year.  Procure plaque.
-  This committee consists of past awardees.
-  Encourage camaraderie through music during weekly Club meetings.
-  Provide or arrange for music for fellowship events.
-  Review and modify criteria for nomination to Officer or Director and recommend appropriate changes to Board for implementation.
-  Develop slate of Officers and Directors for Member vote in mid December.
-  Solicit ideas from members for program speakers.
-  Coordinate programs, dates and speakers for each Club meeting;  Inform President, Newsletter Editor and Website Chairperson monthly, or as changes occur.
-  Notify the Director of The Community House, in advance, of any AV equipment needed by weekly speaker.
-  Provide appropriate letters of appreciation to program speakers.
Sergeant at Arms
-  Staff the Welcome Table at each Club lunch meeting.
-  Place banners, set up badges & sign-in sheet, evaluate and adjust as needed ambiance of meeting room.
-  Greet visiting Rotarians and Visitors and introduce them to members.
-  Maintain Sign-in List of visitors and guests and provide copies to Newsletter Editor and Harry Welsh.
-  Collect fees for lunches and transmit them to the Treasurer.
-  Sell 50/50 tickets and distribute proceeds to Treasurer and winner.
-  Periodically have special events – birthdays, Throwback Thursdays, assigned tables, etc.
-  Educate Membership on the many Foundation programs, their benefits to Society, and how Foundation works.
-  Solicit contributions for the Foundation from the Membership.  Publicly thank and reward contributors.
-  Keep record of all contributions and status of each member’s Foundation Account.
-  Transmit contribution forms with checks to Rotary International (RI), keeping a copy of transmittal form for club file and furnishing a copy to the donor.
- Classification
-  Assign prospective new members proper classification and notify Club Secretary, Website Manager and Membership Chair.
-  Conduct classification survey of all members and along with Membership Chair, assess area businesses’ opportunities for membership recruitment.
Membership / Orientation
-  Plan and implement a Membership Recruitment program; Inform and motivate club members.
-  Supply members with materials to recruit new members and motivate regularly.
-  Conduct new member orientation sessions when needed.
-  Assign mentors to new members.
-  Recruit members to become mentors.
-  Announce 6 month members' blue badge status including their sponsor and mentor.
retention & leadership development
-  Educate all members on Club, District and RI programs, procedures and policies.
-  Coordinate with other Chairpersons to maintain member participation.
-  Take action to retain members who are not participating or not meeting attendance requirements.
-  Encourage members to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute and other Rotary education programs.
Vocational Service
- Vocational Awards & Education
-  Coordinate Vocational Service programs and speakers with the District.
-  Solicit nominations for the District Vocational Service Award.
-  Provide information to Newsletter Editor, Website Chairman, and The Board concerning current Club, District and RI programs.
-  Coordinate with Officers and Board active participation in District committees and functions.
-  Communicate to Membership and recruit & organize participation in District Conference and Rotary Leadership Institute.
Public Relations
- MEDIA & PUBLIC RELATIONS & photography & interclub communications
-  Develop and implement a long range public image plan.
-  Develop and cultivate relationships with Media, Church, Community, School and Business leaders.
-  Work with other Chairpersons to identify opportunities for media exposure.
-  Ensure club activities, service projects, programs, AND accomplishments attract positive Media attention and are placed in a timely manner on the website.
-  Coordinate picture taking coverage at all events as well as media and placement with Photographer.
-  Maintain Facebook page:  Utilize Twitter and Instagram for immediate public exposure of events.
-  Develop Fact Sheets, advertisements and promotional materials; Make available as opportunities arise.
-  Develop traveling “PR Booth” to be utilized at School, Church, Club, Interact and Community events.
-  Coordinate picture taking/documenting of club activities with Press Secretary, Media & Public Relations Chairperson, Website coordinator, and History / Rotary Information Chairperson.
-  Provide information resource and communication vehicle to Club members, prospective new members, visitors and guests, maintain and modify as needed.
-  Work with and supervises hired, professional “Webmaster.”
-  Constantly gather data for all club activities and post on website.
-  Update membership directory at the beginning of the Rotary year.  Ensure that information is accurate, up to date and posted in the 'secure' section of the website.
-  Collect news and publish every month for electronic distribution about members, club, district and RI activities and events and upcoming programs.   
 (Formerly "Youth Service")
Interact club
-  Liaison between Club and MHS Interact Club Members/Advisors
-  Facilitate and support Interact Club activities.
-  Develop and supervise list of Club members to attend periodic Interact meetings.
-  Coordinate with other Community Service Chairpersons for needed support by Interact Club
-  Coordinate with MHS and MFS Guidance Offices for selecting and scheduling students of academic and/or athletic excellence to visit the Club, and obtain biographies
-  Arrange for transportation of student(s) to and from the meeting
-  Introduce the students to the attendees, and encourage students to learn more about Rotary
RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Award for High School Juniors
-  Solicit nominations from MHS/MFS Guidance Counselors and Interact Advisors; Select participants to attend Annual June Conference
-  Coordinate participants’ paperwork, housing and transportation to/from Conference.
-  Organize visitation by participants at Club meeting after event.
International Service
Gift of Life
-  Helps children worldwide repair congenital heart defects.
-  Sponsor a child to come to United States for Cardiac Care/surgery.
-  Work with District and other clubs efforts.
International Service Projects
-  Work with Board to research various ideas, create “Game Plan” for selected project and present to Board.
-  Work with Club and District Foundation Chair’s and RI to secure funding.
-  Coordinate all aspects of the project.
-  Coordinate and maintain all paperwork and reports.
Community Service
Blood Drive
-  Plan, organize and coordinate February Blood Drive.
-  Select date, location and vendor.
-  Coordinate all arrangements, publicize and communicate with Members and general public.
DICTIONARY – Joint Project with Breakfast Club
-  Order and obtain sufficient dictionaries for each 3rd grade student and teachers (if new) in Moorestown.
-  Order stickers for inside front cover placement.
-  Communicate with school principals and organize members for delivery to each class.
-  Assess community needs and identify best places we can help.
-  Select and implement numerous projects throughout the year to meet identified needs.
-  Encourage broad base member participation.
-  Work with guidance departments at Moorestown High School (MHS) and Moorestown Friends School (MFS) to invite applications from graduating Senior high school students.
-  Review applications and select recipients.
-  Host scholarship recipients at a June Club meeting.
Service Clubs Council
-  Develop and facilitate good communication between Clubs – Breakfast Rotary, Y's Service, Lions.
-  Serve and participate on Citizen of the Year committee.
-  Plan and implement joint meetings each year with each club.
Special Requests
-  Receive requests from members, organizations, community for funds.
-  Meet Quarterly (or more frequently as needed) to process requests.
-  Recommend to Board for Board approval proposed fund distribution awardees and amounts; Work within budget set by Board.
Winston Parker Foundation
§  Contact appropriate Forestry and Environmental schools to invite applications for scholarships from eligible students.
§  Review applications, select recipients and host scholarship recipients at a June Club meeting.
§  Maintain proper Foundation records and state filings.
§  Create and maintain a budget; Solicit appropriately skilled investment advice.
§  Create and maintain a budget; Solicit appropriately skilled investment advice.
Community Service
Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K
§  ENTIRE CLUB EVENT: Organize the membership to support and staff The Run on the day of the run.
§  Solicit sponsors for the Annual Run.
§  Provide publicity and marketing as appropriate through other organizations, events, and publications.
§  Receive and process applications and fees, track money flow and remit proceeds to the Club Treasurer.
§  Provide for other amenities to the participants as determined by the Committee.
§  This is a joint project with the Breakfast Club.
Pancake Breakfast – Joint Project With Breakfast Club
§  ENTIRE CLUB EVENT: Organize members for proper staffing.
§  Solicit key sponsors and ads for ad book; Track and report Ad revenue and ticket sales to Club Treasurer.
§  Provide publicity in Club/Community to encourage participation.
§  Coordinate supplies with vendors, prepare and serve food.
§  Coordinate participation by Club members, Interact members, etc.
fund raising
§  Explore opportunities for fund raising events, for both Club and Charities fund raising
§  Present ideas to The Board for review, discussion, and approval.
§  Recruit members to support new events.
§  Report to the Club about the success of the events.